Pulmonary Waveform Generator (PWG) systems, designed and manufactured by MH Custom Design & Mfg. L.C., have long been used as the industry standard to test the accuracy of spirometers and peak flow meters.  Using state-of-the-art technology patented by MHC, PWG systems are also being used to measure the work-of-breathing through endotracheal tubes, their adapters and numerous other pulmonary devices.  PWG systems are computer-controlled, servomotor-driven air syringes, which can deliver any computer-stored pulmonary waveform file within system specifications (0 to 12 liters volume, 0 to 20 liters/second flow).  PWG systems incorporate user-friendly software with precise delivery of all ATS Standard Waveforms and user-defined waveforms (constant flow, exponentially-shaped flow and custom flow).

     There are three PWG system models, designed for a variety of applications.  The original PWG system, which can be upgraded to an H&H PWG system.  The H&H PWG system, which produces heated and humidified pulmonary waveforms, simulating the properties of human breathing.  The MiniPWG system. which is just that, mini!  It is designed to be portable and will deliver the same pulmonary waveforms as the original PWG, yet, it is only half the size and weight of the original PWG system.

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