Pulmonary Waveform Generator Systems

Original PWG System

     The original PWG system is 47" (120cm) Long x 12.5" (32cm) Wide x 14.5" (37cm) High, 95 lbs (43.2 kg).  The original PWG system is a computer-controlled, servomotor-driven air syringe, which can deliver any computer-stored waveform file within system performance specifications (0 to 12 liters of volume, 0 to 20 liters/second flow, 0 to 355 liters/second2 acceleration).  It uses computer software which allows the display of precise data for each waveform delivered.  Included with all PWG systems are the 24 volume-time ATS Standard Waveforms and the new 26 flow-time ATS Standard Waveforms.  The custom-developed computer software is very user-friendly and will allow the user to easily define and deliver exponentially-shaped flow-vs.-time waveforms, constant-flow-rate waveforms and MVV waveforms (sinusoidally-shaped flow).  Parameters measured include: each waveform's time duration, FVC, FEV1, FEFmax, FEFmid and VEXT.  PWG systems deliver 80 microliters of air volume per count of the DC servomotor's optical rotary encoder, thus giving precise control when delivering any waveform.  The system's software displays numerical data and graphs of flow, volume and pressure (resistance-to-flow) for each waveform delivered.  The graph display has movable cursors for zooming in on any segment of the waveform and for identifying the time, flow and pressure of any point on the waveform graph.  This data may be saved and/or printed for future reference and comparison.  A Certificate of Calibration is provided with each PWG system, as well as instructions for use and instructions for routine maintenance and calibration verification checks.  Each PWG system comes with the custom PWG 5.0 and PWG 6.1 software (which requires 10M of hard disk space and DOS), a computer interface cable, a servomotor controller board and an A-to-D board (which can be plugged into 8-bit slots in your P.C.).  MHC has invested thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars over the years, in improving the design and performance of the PWG systems.

H&H PWG System

     The original PWG system can be upgraded to an H&H PWG system, with the addition of state-of-the-art hardware and software which allows for the option of testing with, or without, heated and humidified air (for BTPS simulation).  The H&H PWG system is approx. 51" (130cm) Long x 20" (51cm) Wide x 22" (56cm) High, 190 lbs (86 kg).

MiniPWG System

     The MiniPWG system is shorter and lighter than the original PWG.  It is only 29" (74cm) Long x 11.5" (29cm) Wide x 15.5" (29cm) High, 55 lbs (25kg).  The MiniPWG system was created to be portable and may be carried by one person.  The MiniPWG system fits easily in the trunk or back seat of a car, this allows for ease of transporting the system from one pulmonary lab to another.  In most other respects the MiniPWG system is the same as the original PWG and H&H PWG systems.  However, unlike the original PWG system, the MiniPWG system cannot be upgraded to an H&H PWG system.

     MH Custom Design & Mfg. L.C. reserves the right to continue to improve the design of the PWG systems and software and change the specifications accordingly.  MH Custom Design & Mfg. L.C. is looking forward to helping you in your pulmonary device research and testing, by providing you with a state-of-the-art PWG system.